DNA Testing for Optimum Health

The future of weight loss, fitness and optimum health lies with a better understanding of your individual responses to the food you eat.

We all have the potential to be the best versions of ourselves. Part of the answer lies in our genes. Whether you’re talking about jeans or genes, one size does not fit all, and this holds true for diet and health recommendations also.

Dietary advice designed for your DNA

The process starts with a simple cheek swab.  This sample of your DNA is then sent to a state of the art genetic testing lab.  The lab will produce a report detailing how your genes can influence your

  • weight management
  • body composition
  • nutrient metabolism and requirements
  • cardiometabolic health
  • food intolerances
  • hormonal responses – menopause; PCOS
  • fertility
  • injury risk

How does it work?

Your DNA sampling kit will be sent direct to you, it’s a simple cheek swab so no blood involved! Pop it in the post and we will have your results within 2 to 3 weeks. Your test results will allow me to create personalised dietary recommendations for you aligned with your health goals and your genetic profile.

Your best diet and optimal health is the outcome

Once I have the results of your test (you can view a sample summary of a report here) I will simplify this for you into a clear and sustainable action plan. Small changes make a BIG difference. Just message me to find out more or order your test.


Learn how your genes can affect;

  • metabolism, mental focus and eating habits
  • recovery, injury risk and motivation
  • pain tolerance, aerobic capacity and food intolerances
  • body composition, nutrient requirements and exercise performance

Maximise your genetic potential

Your best diet depends on the individual set of variants you have for specific nutrient-related genes.

As a Registered Nutritionist with a special interest in nutrigenomics, the personalised nutrition plan I create using your DNA analysis will enable you to optimise your nutritional status and fitness level in a practical and sustainable way. This will maximise your genetic potential, fitness and overall health.